NDIS Service Providers

Service Providers – NDIS One-Stop Shop

What is a one-stop shop? A one-stop shop is a business that provides all the services you could potentially need.  In this context, it means a business that has all the NDIS service providers[...]

Oct 20, 2020


What Is NDIS Funding? Am I Eligible?

You have heard of NDIS funding - but what does it stand for, what is it, and are you eligible? The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the funding itself. The NDIS funding is[...]

NDIS Story - Evie's Story

NDIS Story – Evie’s Story

One-Stop Shop - Blessing or Curse? We write our articles with the assistance and feedback of various people. This is the NDIS story of an NDIS participant with the one-stop shop model. It guided[...]

May 01, 2017


Troubleshooting NDIS myplace Portal

How do I use the portal? Your first plan has arrived, but no instructions on how to access or use the online portal. Your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) should call with an activation code,[...]

Feb 23, 2017


Getting Ready for Battle!

Where do I begin?! The NDIS is rolling out to your area, and you are trying to get yourself as NDIS-ready as you possibly can, to ensure the best chance of getting what your[...]

Jan 23, 2017

NDIS Story - Evie's Story

Getting Ready for My First Plan

What is "My First Plan"? It is the initial 12 month plan that participants new to the NDIS create and receive. According to information released by the NDIS the idea is to assist participants[...]

Jun 30, 2016